Mural in a Syrian refugee camp in Akkar, North Lebanon 2018, together and with great help from the NGO Mishwar. The idea was that each person painted his/her own personal house so all the houses together would made it up for this weird strange collective city.. of course everything as usual went a bit more chaotic than planed but it was fun and the end result came out quite well

Three portraits, Syrian refugeecamp, Akkar, Lebanon 2018. Portraits of the owner of the land of this camp plus his two sons. Painted on the backend wall of their livingroom.

Three portraits, Syrian refugeecamp, Akkar, Lebanon 2018.  

Lindholm indefra. Aktivitetscenteret i Lindholm, et socialt boligbyggeri i Nykøbing F

Lindholm from the inside. Lindholm, Nykobing F, Denmark

Wallpaintings, Syrian refugee camp Tal Abbas, Akkar, Lebanon. The perfect guided tour for some of the wallpaintings I did in this camp.

Video of the same wallpaintings as previous 

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