Palmyra, Syria 2011 / 2020

On a journey to Syria in 2011 at the downfall of the spring revolution I went on a trip to Palmyra, the ancient Roman city at the ancient silk road. Shortly after my visit Isis went in and the destruction of this beautiful historical sight started. The then very well kept amphitheatre where I spent quite some time was used for executions and the temple of bel was almost completely destroyed as well as the rest of this historical site.

Syrian refugee camps, Akkar, Lebanon 2017 – 2018

Throughout 2017 – 2018 I worked around in some of the many Syrian refuge camps with different art projects, sometimes alone and sometimes with the great help of the brilliant nonprofit NGO Mishwar


I worked here with different art projects throughout 2017 – 2018, sometimes alone and sometimes with the great help of the brilliant nonprofit NGO Mishwar. One will find the Syrian refugee camps all over Akkar, in the northeast of Lebanon, bordering Syria. Refugees find themselves stuck there – not wanted back in Syria, not wanted in Lebanon and certainly not wanted in Europe. Being a refugee is of course in every aspect a tragedy, and yet life goes on – children play and people try to make the best out of the terrible situation they are being held in.

Rachid Karami International Fair, Tripoli, Lebanon

This huge and strangely deserted area in the middle of the busy city of Tripoli really is something else. In 1963 the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer was commissioned to design the International Fairgrounds of Tripoli, but in 1975, Lebanon’s civil war interrupted the construction of this modernist landmark. After the war the 10,000-hectare site was used as a Tripoli headquarter for the Syrian army. It’s 15 buildings still remains today with all its incomplete concrete structures slowly falling apart as a strange echo from a far away vision that never came to play.

Jerusalem. The western wall/wailing wall, Dome of the rock and the Church of Sepulchre.

Jerusalem and some of its major sights: (1) The Western/Wailing Wall, the last piece of the 2  temples in Jewish tradition. (2) Dome of the Rock where the Prophet Mohammad passed away. (3) The Church of Holy Sepulchere at the spot of the Crucifixion. and (4) The Wall that separates and divides throughout the country. Jerusalem is as we know it a central city for the three major monolithic religions and therefore also the central place for the endless struggles between these not always that holy belief systems. But still, despite all the conflicts, the depth and beauty of  the religious sites somehow keeps shining through.

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